Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's a BOY!

It's been quite a weekend! I thought I might be in labor Thur. night as I was having more action than normal, but woke up feeling fine Friday after a good nights' rest... I'd been having contractions on and off for about a week, so we were praying it would be soon. We went out for lunch to an Indian Buffet restaurant and enjoyed the holiday with Bryan home. I had a couple of stronger contractions that afternoon, but after a walk to the store later afternoon, my water broke and I went full force into labor. We were able to get Jack to a friends and get to the hospital by around 8. Things went smoothly and progressed quickly from there and Max (Greatest) Shen Li (spiritual strength) Thompson made his appearance at 12:45am on Saturday morning. 8lbs 7 oz, much bigger than jack and WAY bigger than the last estimate by the Dr.... What a beautiful baby though... Max and I spent Saturday in the hospital, Bryan was able to spend his day split between us and Jack at home. We came home today around lunch time and have had a great first afternoon home. Jack LOVES babies and is slowly adjusting to Max. He keeps calling him Nette (his friend Josiah's baby sisters name), so we are working on Max :o)
Here's the video of Jack meeting max for the first time. It was right before his nap, so the timing wasn't great, but he did well. He looks a bit confused :o)

I've uploaded a bunch of photos to facebook. If you don't have an account you can view by clicking HERE



Baby #3 said...

He is gorgeous and definitely a thompson with all that hair!

Brad and Laura said...

Congratulations, Emily!! :) Glad everything went so smoothly! Enjoy your new family of four!!

The Paines said...

So sweet! Cracks me up, probably soon he'll be calling Annette "Max".

Kyle and Sarah said...

so neat that you have their first meeting on video! so sweet! calli just keeps saying "awww, jackie has a brother too"!

jade, trish, halle and will said...

Oh my goodness, Em!! So so sweet! You look amazing my friend and precious little Max is so beautiful!! Loved the video!! :)


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