Sunday, October 17, 2010

our last week...

Here's a quick peak at our life over the past week!

 I'm trying to soak in the snuggle time when I have a moment to sit!
 Max and Jack playing? :o)
More snuggle time!

Off to the consulate to apply for Max's passport. We head to Malaysia in just under two weeks, so needed to get it right away.

Lunch at IKEA on Sat. Jack dipped ALL his food in the mushroom soup, yum!

A little de ja vu when Max was peaking over the carrier yesterday. I then went and found the picture of Jack doing the same! SO CUTE! Max is on the left (if you are confused).


Dana said...

great pictures, Em! I can't believe how much Max & Jack look alike!!! Crazy...and yes...luckily our ants are the small kind! :)

Brad and Laura said...

Wow- your boys looks SO much a like!! Such cuties!


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