Monday, November 8, 2010

little suckers...

 On Sat. Max got his first bottle. He got the hang of it and drank it all!
 Since Max has been born and we are using pacifiers again, Jack also wants to participate. I have given him his old W (wisconsin) pacifier for his very own. He likes to chew on it out the side of his mouth.. nice look.
 Jack decided to get in on the action last night.
 Aren't they SO cute!
 You can see in Max's eyes that he is about to lose it...
And... my moment of peace...gone! Baby needs to be held again :o)


The Paines said...

Aww. . . yay Max taking a bottle! We never even did that with Annette since I was too lazy to pump.

rachelhamann said...

Oh my word. He is getting so big. Both "he's" actually! You were right. Max is totally looking like Jack. And you look PHENOMENAL! Not that I'm surprised!


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