Friday, January 14, 2011

Jack's Week...

As many of you know, Jack had surgery for his hernia this past week. He was such a trooper and really did well. He seems fine now, and doesn't act like he is in pain. The hospital gave us three difference pain meds to give him and I have only been using one mild one because I don't want to over drug him since he seems okay.
After his surgery back in the room he was napping but restless, Bryan and I took turns laying with him in the giant size crib :o)
Once he woke up he was pretty chill for the next couple of hours. We brought our DVD player and some Thomas the Train and Jay Jay the Plane movies to watch.
Its hard to eat your apple when they are taking your blood pressure :o)
And of course a picture of the wound(s)... not too scary.

Yesterday at home, we took the chalk out for the first time. Jack had fun and drew lots of lines..

And what would a post be with out a picture of Max eating his bear :o)

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