Monday, February 21, 2011


 I did it! Yesterday I ran in my first race...Several friends and I signed up in Oct. to run the Standard Charter 10K here in Hong Kong. Max was two weeks old when I registered, so this has been my incentive to get back in shape, post-baby!
Here I am picking up my race pack last weekend.  It was all very organized, but with 67,000 people running you have to be!
here we are on the train, 4:45 am! The trains opened early on Sunday just for the race. I couldn't believe how crowded they were!
Before the race, posing with this nice shoe :o)

At the start line, getting ready... all 7-10 thousand of us :o) Our race started at 5:45am!
Finished! It took me 1:01:53 to finish. It was SO congested, it was hard to pick up the pace. My goal was under an hour, but didn't quite get that..partly due to the fact that it was SO crowded. I was pleased with the time in the end. 
It was so fun running with these great friends! Getting up at 3:45, traveling an hour to the start, running in the cold/dark/drizzle wouldn't have been fun without them!

The best part; breakfast afterwards!! 


Gretchen said...

Way to Go Em! That's great and amazing so soon after baby. :)

Kyle said...

awesome job Emily!

melissa said...

Congrats Emily! What an accomplishment!


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