Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cambodian Spring Break

We returned Friday night from a week in Cambodia. Bryan had the week off for his school spring break and we took advantage of the break to head out! We have dear friends who are living and teaching in phnom penh who we haven't seen in a year. We took off from here Friday right from school and flew to Singapore, where we spent the night in the airport. We found a transit lounge and caught a few hours of sleep. They boys slept great, Bryan and I not as well, but it was okay. Our flight to Cambodia arrived there by 9:00, so we had the full day there. Our friends Dan and Jess (and two daughters) met us at the airport and we took off in cars for the BEACH! (after stopping at DQ, of course!). It was a three hour trip to the beach, where we all caught up on sleep (luckily we had a driver who was more alert :o)
     We spent Saturday through Wednesday afternoon at the beach. We stayed in a really nice guesthouse with a pool and breakfast included. Nothing fancy but the price was great. We ate tons of food and had some really relaxing days! Our days went something like this... Wake up, eat, drive to a more remote beach for some calming sand play, get a massage on the beach, eat delicious pizza made at the Russian airplane restaurant on the beach (see the pictures of Jack playing in the old Russian plane!), head back to the hotel for naps, pool time, great dinners, maybe a massage and bed! Our friends left Tuesday morning and we took a day trip out for snorkeling and an island visit. We had some rain each day but not enough to ruin our plans. Our last day was spent back at the Heins in PP and taking in a few markets around the city. They boys were great travellers and we had a really great time. It was such a blessing to be able to visit with friends in such an amazing place! Jack asked a few times to go home, so we weren't sure how he was enjoying the trip, but then this morning (while we were sitting on our couch at home) he asked to go home, so I have no idea what he was thinking :o) Check out this link to see our photos:

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