Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the big 3-0!

My Birthday fell on a Sunday this year, but I felt like we celebrated the whole weekend! It started with the school drama on Friday night (we left the kids with sitters!) so it felt like a real night out!
Saturday I got my hair done, so I had several quiet hours to myself (what a gift!), then Bryan surprised me with a massage and little party with my friends after dinner. They were all pretty sneaky and I was surprised! I had figured something was up, because Bryan was acting a little strange, but I didn't know what it was. We had a lovely time! Getting a massage, drinking champagne, eating cake, opening gifts and talking!

Sunday after church we went to a great Indian Buffet and had a delicious lunch!

Max even had his first taste of curry!
After the boys woke from naps and the torrential rain storm passed we went for a nice long walk.
The day finished with Angel Food cake made by Bryan with fresh strawberries. Bryan really went out of his way to make the whole weekend special and I felt so blessed and loved. So far, its great to be 30!
In two weeks my friend Christine and I are jumping off the Macau tower to celebrate our 30th birthdays, so the celebration will continue!


melissa said...

Glad you had a happy birthday - looks like you had a lot of fun!!!

Kyle and Sarah said...

sounds so nice! great planning Bryan!! i'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

heatherliv said...

LOVE! Way to go Brian!


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