Saturday, December 17, 2011

Watch out WI and IA: here we come!

We are getting on the plane in just a few hours... 
the warning label on our family should read:
Needs: ten boxes of Kleenex (we all have colds)
cars, trains and balls for the boys.
gifts for all the people who sat by us on the plane (oh boy!)
Hide anything fragile in your home...Max is on the loose.
He likes to touch and open and pull and close and get into everything he can get his hands on.
He loves books, so hide any you don't want maybe ripped.
You may want to invest in earplugs...the kids are loud. And Jack likes to announce every time he pees, "Pee standing up!" (Do we really need to know this?)
The boys have an obsession with Yogurt will be needed on the trip.

Inspite/Despite all this...we are SO looking forward to seeing and spending time with family!

Merry Christmas and blessings to anyone else who is traveling this holiday season.


Kyle and Sarah said...

love it! so wish we were gonna see you all! love from TX.

The Paines said...

Love, love, love this!! Life is an adventure!! Can't wait to hug/ wrestle/ tickle your loud rambuncious little guys. Josiah talks about Jack almost everyday and wants to bring back EVERYTHING from Mozambique for him (: Have a very Merry Christmas. I look forward to retroactivly reading your blog soon. Hugs to your mom and dad from me too.


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