Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Renaissance Weekend

 This weekend was the school Renaissance dinner show and fundraiser. This was the 4th show like this that I have been a part of and I think Bryans 5th. Bryan was the MC of the show and did an amazing job!
 opening music
 Final discussions...

 My part of the show was the tumblers... we have been working since January to WOW the crowd.
 Here are a few of the beautiful and talented girls I got to work with.
 The trapeze act

 The Tumbling Act

 Our Springboard and Box act.

 Ending the evening with a raffle

 A successful weekend!
 We were blessed to have good friends watching the boys at home both nights so we could relax and focus on the show. Thanks Bradfords!


Kyle and Sarah said...

awesome! wow, Em, I am impressed with your tumbling routines!

grandmashredder said...

i love these pictures. sometime id love to come see one of the shows you direct. see you SOON.

The Paines said...

Incredible!!! I love the first photo of Bryan and the action shots are stunning. Well done!!


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