Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Update #2

hard to believe another two weeks have flown by! We are having a blast this summer. here's a little bit of what we have done. You can view the link to the FB photos to see more.
Week 1: In Des Moines with the Thompsons.
Art Fair, emily lunch with Mari, lots of golf, parks, rides, shopping, good food,  bryan lunch with scott, pools, splash park, panera :o)
Week 2: In Galena with the Thompson family.
games, grilling, pizza, pool with slides, celebrating Bryans 40th, phase 10, jack loving his cousins! aggravation game.
Week 3: Schroederville with family.
baby shower for Ellen (35 people here!) 100 heat all week, lots of pool time, cousins play well and have a blast, sand box, adults play game tournament, taking care of pregnant Sarah and Ellen, movie outside, taco johns.
I will hopefully do an update next week about our coming week. it will be just us at my parents...
link to photos:

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