Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mid-Autumn Festival

Its a four day weekend here... Mid-Autumn Festival is today and tomorrow it Chinese National Day... Mid-Autumn is a lunar holiday and National Day is always Oct. 1st, so they aren't always at the same time. We are enjoying the break from school and the time to spend as a family. Last night we went a lantern festival in a nearby park with our friends. So fun!
 We bought plane and car lanterns for the boys... they had a blast taking them around.

Max kept saying, " I want it, I want it..." about the big colorful animal lanterns :o)

And no Mid-Autumn would be complete without a moon cake. This was actually a good one, green tea flavored. You can read last years post about moon cakes here.

The decorations are always so nice from this time of year... lanterns everywhere...

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