Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas in R1D

Jack had his Christmas play and party today... it was all SO sweet and wonderful. I had a good laugh at Jack singing at the top of his lungs (but not knowing all the words) and a tear in my eye as the kids all "gave their hearts" to the tiny baby in the manger.  We leave in 36 hours.... packing to do and Christmas decorations her to take down... I think tomorrow will be a busy day! Love, hugs and Merry Christmas!
 The three wise men ;o)
 Jack and Josiah
 Jacks class and teachers (1 teaching assistant, one "real" teacher who will be back in January, and the wonderful Sub who has been there all fall while the other teacher was on maternity leave.

 saying his one line...

I have to put a picture of max on as he tagged along for the day.

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