Friday, January 11, 2013

family photos

Bryan and I were blessed to see all our siblings within a two week period this Christmas break. It was so fun to have our whole families together for the first time in a few years. This also meant we took family photos (with both sides of the family!)
Thompson family photos... getting ready...

 the final result... pretty good for all of us just with a camera timer!
the Knetter part of the family
All the grandkids
 Thompson siblings
The Sheahans
Not a great one of us!
 Grandparents and kids
For the Schroeder side....
The Schroeder gang!
Grandparents and kids
 the girls....
The Boys... and Will and all the kids! :o)
 A better one of us :o)!
 The Nelson three.....                                               and the Schroeder kids
All the kids! (five, four, three, two, four months (x2) and 12 weeks.
the whole group

I also put a lot of other photos on facebook. You should be able to see them HERE and HERE

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