Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beach, Football and Octopus Cards

Last week in addition to our trip to China, we also spent the day at the beach with friends... it was the perfect day, not too hot and we had so much fun!

 The place we went to has TONS of starfish... so many its hard not to step on them.. .I had to get out... it was weird stepping on them! :o) We even found a six legged one!

 Now that Max is three he has to pay for transportation here. I made him a holder for his new octopus card and he is so excited be be a big boy and pay for himself!
 I got the boys Halloween costumes done early so I could blog about them... I'm sure I'll post more after our costume party later this month... but here are a few from the blog shoot... I made the pants to go with the jerseys they got from their Aunt Shari... fun costumes..

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