Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend in Bangkok

We followed Bryan to Bangkok this past weekend.... he was going to a conference we didn't want to be left behind.. so we tagged along. We didn't get to spend a ton of time with him, but it was better than none especially since he will be gone for a week next week and we can't go with! ;o) The boys and I had fun every day!
Day 1:
A morning walk...
This juice tasted terrible... max had already tried it :o)
 Time by the pool...

We got a fruit shake in the afternoon for a snack.
In the evening we went over to our friends that live in Bangkok... it was a fun evening.
 Taking the train....
Day 2:
A boat ride

 Some LARGE wildlife!

 Lunch back in our room...we took lots of food with us...
 A little pool time in the afternoon

 Waiting for dad to come back....
 Day 3:
We crashed the pool at the Shangri La... {the hotel where the conference was}... it was warmer and more shallow that our hotel, better for the boys..
Morning play time while I worked out.
 At the pool...

 The conference finished earlier on Sat. so we headed with Bryan out to a Market.

Day 4. We had to leave at noon. So the boys and I went for a tuk tuk ride around while Bryan finished up he sessions...

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The Paine Family said...

Great photos! Looks like you were an awesome tour guide for the boys (:


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