Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Boys and photos...

Most of you know I blog... In fact over the last six months I'm actually now considering myself a "blogger" ;o) I've been working really hard on it over the last year and am seeing the fruits of my efforts... I won't ever get "rich" from my blog, but its great part time income and I would love for it to be my "job" that I can do from home! All that to say.... I've been working on taking better photos and working with my boys to model the various things I make.... THIS. HAS. BEEN. HARD! if you know the boys you know that they are loud and don't really sit still... so taking decent photos is a challenge ;o) Yesterday I was photographing for two upcoming posts and today I'm giving you a teaser because the boys may be crazy, and not always "blog-minded" but they sure are cute and I get some funny photos out of it... So here you go... some of these are edited for the blog and some a straight from the camera ;o) Enjoy the crazy... You can pretty much inset this audio track to every photo, "look this way, look at the camera, stand still, this isn't a video, Max smile, look here, stand up"

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