Monday, February 24, 2014

Westward Bound

Opps, its been awhile since we've been back from Dubai.. and I haven't updated around here. Last weekend was the big ICS dinner/show weekend, so I've got some photos to share today. This is the first big ICS event of this kind in 10 years that I haven't been in charge {or co-charge} of the gymnastics part! :o) It was nice to just help out with hair and costumes this year and not have to create and produce the show! I did the costume accessories and hair for the girls both nights and that was enough. I also got to sit and enjoy the whole thing with Bryan at the Saturday night performance.
 Irina- a former student of both of us was flown in to be part of the show as an alumni performer

 Student performers... singing

 The headmaster {and sheriff} welcoming everyone to the evening.
 Bryan and the the other outlaws
 the Beard competition... save or shave it. The beards were auctioned off for shaving or saving for another two weeks. Bryan doesn't have to do either... he wasn't a winner...
 The Gymnastics...

 Final number of the evening... We had a sitter for the kids and Bryan and I really enjoyed the evening out. The kids were amazing! {as always!!!}

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