Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer in the USA Part 2

After the first week with the Thompson family.. weeks 2 and 3 were a combination of Schroeder family time and seeing a few friends. The boys had a BLAST with their older cousins and I love that they are old enough to just be off on their own. Best moment:
Lane found a big stick... then says: Jack, are you thinking what I'm thinking.
Jack: YES! What are you thinking?
Lane: let's go hunt some deer with this stick..
Jack: great! and off they ran ;o)
Pretty much sums up the fun they had!

the kids had a bird trap and the birds weren't very smart... they caught 6-8 in one day ;o)

 we had lots of family workout sessions.
 Happy 4th!!!
 Cousins in the matching suits I made.

 lawn games!

 Waiting for the fireworks to start...A pretty good family photo!

 Pizza night..
 Love these two!!
 Boys golf outing.
 The fishing expedition.

 Crazy kids, having a blast!!

 Our attempt to get a photo with our matching swim suits- not successful!!! ;o)
 TA-DA! Max was really good at this with Uncle Will.

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