Sunday, January 25, 2015

A January Catch Up...

 January is flying by!! Its been a good month though.. here's a little recap as we enter the final week of the month. Remember our little foster girl chen chen? Well some friends of ours are fostering here while she is in HK for some medical updates and we got to see her. She is such a sweetie and has come SOO far in the last couple years.. She is able to use her hands really well and can do many things that the Drs weren't sure about when she first started out.

Max had both Animal day and farmer day this month.. he looked cute for both! I was planning on him being a tiger for animal day, but it had to be a farm animal, so he is an orange barn cat ;o)

 Max and his two best friends playing animals

 Jack's grade had a field trip to ocean park. Jamila and I chaperoned this fun group of boys for the day.

Jack and I at Ocean park

 Bryan ran his marathon this morning. He had awful cramps at mile 23/24 so didn't finish as fast as he wanted, but I'm just glad he finished in one piece!

Bryan went home to nap after and the boys and I went out for lunch!

Sunday night here... ready for another week!

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