Sunday, April 26, 2015

Busy and Fun Weekends...

April has been full of fun weekends... Here's a little catch up! We started with Jack's school book character day on a Saturday morning. I was also guest reader and read books to a couple of classes that morning. Jack and his friend Malcolm went as Calvin and Hobbs ;o)
His whole class dressed up..

Character parade..

Malcolm Jack and Josiah... best buds from birth!

Calvin and Hobbs ;o)

The next weekend Max had his Kindergarten concert Saturday morning... It's a bit hard to see. But he is in the front row, far right with a yellow shirt on... He sang with just the afternoon R1 classes, then his whole school... So cute!

And this weekend... we got away for a bit and went out for a quick camp out. We enjoyed a nice Saturday afternoon and evening at the beach, then packed up late morning Sunday.. The weather was perfect for camping!

Finishing up our weekend now with a lazy Sunday afternoon around home... another busy week ahead!

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