Monday, December 1, 2008

Well, our guests have left, so its time for an update. We had a great week with our friends Dan and Jess and their baby Ally. Both babies were great, and it wasn't a big deal to have them both in our smallish apartment. We have been in full Christmas swing, advent candles, calendar, and lots of cookie baking! We are hosting Christmas parties for all the MS teachers and staff, so I've been getting ready. The first one is this Thur. We are excited and looking forward to this month, especially going home to the US at the end.

Our Christmas Shopping with Christine and Jess and the babies. We got quite a few looks :o)

Not so easy to get a picture... it would help if they could sit up on their own. Maybe next year :o)

Jack is looking greasy becuase I'm trying to get rid of the red rash on his cheeks. He puks at night then sleeps in it, so his face wasn't looking good. He also slobbers all day, which doesn't help :o)

Jacks frist time holding hands with a girl :o) If only he knew what he was doing :o)

Out for dinner, letting the dads carry the babies...

Not loving wearing the hat

bryan has been waiting for months for Jack to fit into this shirt!

Jack helping decorate Chrismtas cookies (by sititing nicely, so I can do it.)

In the jaccuzzi, or Jackuzzi as we like to call it.

All bundled up to out and run with mom...


molly sheahan said...

Jack, It looks like you had great fun with your little friends! Still looking forward to seeing you all at Christmas. Have a good week!
Shari and Molly

Rachel Hamann said...

Is Jack wearing a speedo in the jacuzzi? YES! He is getting so big! i love him!


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