Sunday, November 23, 2008

my first turkey and Christmas decorating

I know that Thanksgiving isn't until next week but we've already celebrated!We celebrated yesterday because there is a conference at school over the Thanksgiving holiday. It was a great Saturday. I was up early to take the turkey out and get it ready to go in the oven. While I may not eat meat, I had fun cooking the big bird! I had Bryan take lots of pictures because this was my very first turkey cooking experience :o) While the turkey was in the oven we decorated our apartment for Christmas... Then we had a lovely afternoon with about 4o friends and colleagues enjoying the turkey and other great food! Happy holidays!!!
I'm giving the turkey a bath here to speed up the defrosting!

ready to go in the oven!

my beautiful bird!

Carving it up!

putting up the tree

jack helping?

Thanksgiving meal

Eat up! Jack is enjoying his first Thanksgiving meal.

more food...

What a great day!!!

1 comment:

molly sheahan said...

on the picture with Jack and the xmas lights, it looks like Jack is doing the Power Ranger punch!! :-) maybe he's getting ready to meet his cousin Jace!! :-P


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