Friday, November 21, 2008

here's what I have been up to...

Hi everyone, Jack here! I just wanted to tell you what I have been up to this past week. I am loving my new hair cut and the cooler weather of Hong Kong. I also have been excited to play with some new toys that mom got out for me. Enjoy all the pictures.

I have been wearing bibs a lot lately so mom doesn't have to change my whole outfit when I puke, or drool...

I love when we go down to the Jaccuzzi. I really like being wrapped all up in the cozy towel to come home and take a shower to rinse off.

Here I am going to sleep with my dad. I was able to suck on my fist and put myself to sleep. No pacifier, it was a great night!

Yesterday I got to go watch dad coach a Basketball game. It was outside, so I got to enjoy the sunshine with mom. The team lost, but we had fun anyway!

Mom made this great hat for my friend Josiah. She is making me one too, but I had to try this one on for size. You can tell that I love it!

I still love to suck on dad's finger when I am upset, which is pretty often :o) He calms me right down.

This was me this morning, hanging out on the couch in my pjs...

Here I am in a new outfit. See how I can puke and smile at the same time, I am so talented!


Gretchen Weis said...

So cute Em. He is such a funny baby. You look great by the way. Also, That hat would be perfect for freezing Wisconsin Days like today. :) Take care!

jade, trish and halle said...

Emily! He looks so grown up in these pictures! Great job on the hat- wow! When are you coming home again? I would love to see you guys.

molly sheahan said...

Jack, you make me smile! :-) your big cousin, Molly


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