Sunday, November 16, 2008

first hair cut... 11 weeks old

Last week Bryan was gone on a school trip, with the camera. So Jack had his first week without any pictures taken of him :o). We have made up for it this weekend though... He is learning so many new things all the time. A big one is how to get his hands into his mouth... He love to suck! He still can't get it in every time, but he will lick anything that comes near his mouth, so cute. Also, we gave him his first hair cut on Sunday. It was getting long, and if he were a girl, would be great. Barretts and bows here we come, but being a boy, I decided to cut it off. Bryan was a great sport and actually did the cutting, although it broke his heart to cut all that beautiful hair off. Jack was a trooper and didn't cry until the very end. Here are some before, during and after shots, as well as a short video of the action. We now have a shorter haired, blond son! He looks so different, but just as cute! :o)

look at all we cut off!



I'm 11 months and still don't need a haircut yet! You are a trooper Jack! And your mom has more than enough locks of your hair for the baby book! You look very handsome with your new buzz cut. (So very brave of your dad too, way to go Bry!)

molly sheahan said...

I agree with ezekiel! And that kid (no offense, Jack) has the longest eyelashes ev-ah! lol,love-molly


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