Friday, March 19, 2010

hot pot and "nature" walk

Last week we met some friends at a favorite little restaurant to enjoy a Hot Pot meal. Its good to do on cooler nights because you are basically sitting around an open flame :o) We ordered the spicy broth and it was delicious!

I love living in Hong Kong, the weather, the food, the people, the opportunities... all great. What I don't really love though is the fact that we are living in a city where we have limited outdoor places to play and explore. I'm noticing this more as Jack gets older... Even the parks (which there are many!) don't really have natural play areas... they're all cement and landscaping. Right outside our estate is a large canal for flood control, around it there is a bike path. This is our main playground at the moment. Here are pictures from our walk today.
Throwing leaves down the drain.

Putting seed pods in the ditch.

Driving a car on a tree.
Playing in the ditch right outside our estate. All the other mothers/maids look at me like I'm crazy when I let him get in, but it's just a little dirt and water :o)

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