Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thailand trip!

We just returned from a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable week in Thailand. My parents were able to come here during Bryan's Spring Break and from here we travelled together. We spent a couple days in Bangkok, then onto Phi Phi Island for a few, and ending our trip in Phuket, Thailand; it was great! We took a million (at least a couple hundred) pictures, so I am just posting a few highlights here. Checkout Facebook for more!

We were able to meet up with our good friends Dan and Jess and their adorable daughter Ally in Bangkok for two days. They are working at a mission school in Cambodia, so it was a treat to see them. Ally is just a few weeks older than Jack and they had fun running around together.
Its always nice to have family time with the three of us!
Jack LOVED all the attention from Grandma and Grandpa. We had so much fun together in all the pools and in the ocean. Jack is still a fish!

Mom and I had a great time together as well soaking up the sun!

At Phi Phi island, Bryan and I hiked to a lookout, we could see the whole island.

Jack's routine was disrupted, but he didn't seem to mind. He slept in lots of unusual and funny places...including falling asleep while riding on Bry's shoulders ;o)

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Brad and Laura said...

Love the picture of Jack sleeping on Bryan's head :) Looks like you guys had a great time!!


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