Friday, April 16, 2010

new room and funny!

Here are some shots of the new bedroom. It's slightly bigger than the other one
and a lot more green :o) Two walls are green and two are just white. We like it; hopefully Jack does too... It was hard to get good pictures of all the walls in the small space, so you will have to fill in the blanks... Bryan helped me string a wire curtain rod (ikea) around the top of the entire room and then I just hung all the decorations from that. Fewer holes/marks on the wall and I can change it up whenever I want now :o)
The family wall: Jack in the middle, Bryan and I at the same age as Jack, and the whole Thompson/Schroeder clan on the outside.

Jack wanted to try on Bryans glasses the other night... I had to run and get the camera because he was being so cute :o) I love some of them where he has such a nerdy face....

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