Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Thompsons and Galena

 We spent last week with the Thompson clan in a beautiful rented home in Galena. It was large enough for us all to spread out, yet kept us all together enjoying the home and the nature around us. We all had an amazing week and we are SO thankful to Karen and Harlan for renting the house and getting us all together!
jack had an amazing time with his cousins and they were all SO good to him.
Checking out the dock: The dads and their boys.
 getting ready to head out on Pontoon boats
 jack had a ball, Max did NOT like the vest!
 Lots of swimming
 Jack, Bryan and I went canoeing one afternoon.
 jacuzzi at the house

 We celebrated my 30th birthday a bit late... and Jack and Max's birthdays a little bit early! :o)
 Group shot...
 The Cousins!

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Kyle and Sarah said...

how fun! what a great idea!! looks like you all had a nice time.


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