Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Grandparents visit part 2

Well... I hope mom and dad are on their plane flying home at this very moment. I say "I hope" because we had a rough morning :o) It was pouring out so our original plan of walking to the bus stop to say good bye was out the window. However, after searching for nearly a half hour for a taxi (me running all over the place in the rain)... I decided this really still was the only and best option before it got too late. So we said a quick good-bye outside our building and they headed off to the bus stop. I am hoping they found it, got on the right bus, and arrived at the airport in plenty of time :o) 
we had a wonderful visit and here are a few more pictures of the last week.
 Mom and I made it into China both Saturdays for wonderful massages.
 I'm outside the lovely spa we went to here.

 I had a groupon for an outdoor photo shoot with a professional photographer, so Sunday afternoon we all headed down to the harbor. After a 2 1/2 hour shoot here are a few pictures we took our self.
 At a moms group play day...
 Our final dinner out at our favorite dumpling shop. I love this one of Bryan and Jack!

 Max had his first bloody lip while they were here.

So fun, thanks for all the great times, grandma and bumpa!

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