Friday, October 28, 2011

Hong Kong Krazies #9: Pizza Hut

You might be thinking... why is Pizza Hut a Hong Kong Krazie? Well... Pizza Hut is SUPER popular here, and we think its because they have totally catered to the local cuisine! Other American restaurants and come (and gone) and others are mildly popular, but people here LOVE the hut. Personally, the pizzas they advertise make my stomach turn, and I am not enticed, but others must be! Yes, you can still get a normal pepperoni pizza, but its not whats advertised!  I took a few photos of a advertisement I saw awhile go, and I also got some images from their web site... Enjoy! Which are you ordering tonight?
The Salmon Cream Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza? (doesn't the salmon ooze look SO tempting? :o)

The pop Pop Pizza? (not sure whats on this one, but it looks meaty and seafoody!)
The Land and Ocean Special ( Beef, crab sticks, corn, mushrooms & pepperoni) Oh and Thousand Island salad dressing instead of tomato sauce!!! This is another local favorite. We have accidentally been given it a few times, not my favorite!
Or the Thousand Island Seafood ( Seafood, crab sticks, pineapple, red peppers & green peppers)

While I'm doing a post on this subject I want to share one more local delicacy to tempt your tastebuds!
I was given this pack of instant oatmeal as a promo at the grocery store. I was excited, because we do eat oatmeal. When I go home and saw the flavor though I knew this would not be eaten in out house! Can you make out what the amazing flavor is?
Happy eating!!! (oh and Happy weekend!)


Libby J said...

Not sure what either wolf berries OR white fungus is! Yikes!

Gretchen said...

YUCK!!! I'll stick to my pepperoni. :)


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