Thursday, March 7, 2013

A week with three...

three kids that is! So... life is suddenly very busy :o) We are loving having little QunQun around (pronounced Chen Chen) but its keeping us busy! She also learned how to roll over this week... fun... because when she gets over she REALLY doesn't like being face down! :o) on another note...please pray... tomorrow morning she will have surgery on her elbows and have braces put on all four limbs... We got a video of her rolling today, it may be a long time before she will be able to do it again!
 Jack re-creating a salt-water experiment he learned at school..
And for those of you who just got dumped on by snow in the USA.... our March is shaping up to be a warm one. We had a fun morning at the beach with the Paines!

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Jason Case said...

Thanks for the update on Xiao Qun. Glad to see she's doing well. We knew it wouldn't be long before she was rolling over. Glad to hear they're going to try to do something for her. Praying it goes well. God bless you guys.


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