Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Horsing Around...

Yep, that title pretty much describes the boys every day... :o) This week though we actually saw some real horses. Our moms group went on a field trip to one of the Jockey Club training centers here in Hong Kong. We had a HUGE group and it was a fun morning.

Uncle Kyle, I'm sad to report the boys were much more interested in this statue of a horse than the real one they brought out for them to pet :o)

 Ok, I touched it.... can I be done.... :o)
the morning was beautiful though and we enjoyed being outside!
Another positive note... our little girl is feeling much better. Sleeping well, back to regular eating and smiles...

A little flash back of the boys with the same bunny... Thanks grandma T!
Max 7 mths
Jack 8 mths

 A little Easter fun in our house this morning...


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