Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!!!

These past three months I've been a mother of three! It has been a wonderful, challenging and amazing experience. We have loved having a little girl in our family, and while this one is leaving soon, my mothers heart longs and prays for the little girl that will join our family forever...
Happy Mothers Day to all of you!!!
On Friday Jacks class had a Mothers Day Tea. We were treated like royalty with crowns and a gift that the kids had made.
 The kids sang us a few songs...
 Then we played a game where we had to guess ourselves from a wall of the kids drawings... it was SOOO funny watching... Surprisingly you would have thought that The two blond/brown haired moms in the class would be easy... but... there were a lot of drawings with lighter hair..
 The boys did a little concert on Saturday..

 This morning the kids gave me the gift of a good photo! :o)
 and Happy Mothers Day to me :o) A foot rub tonight... alone! AHHHHH!!

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