Friday, May 31, 2013

Hong Kong Krazies: Trash Cans

One thing we LOVE about this city is how clean it is. I've never seen such a large city stay so clean. There is a whole army of people (mostly older women and men) who sweep all the sidewalks and clean up the leaves and trash daily. (everywhere!!!) Its impressive...Another thing... there are trash cans everywhere!!! Literally... you can be hiking, miles from anywhere and see a real trash can... I always wonder who comes and gets that trash? It really does keep the city clean though, there is no sense is throwing trash on the ground when you can walk ten steps and put it in a can. Here is a picture I snapped the other day in front of our place....
I added the arrows, but you can see that from where I was standing I could see FOUR trash cans... yikes!

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The Paine Family said...

I'm glad you clarified that you added the arrows. That would really be something if Hong Kong supplied so many trash cans plus arrows (:
Keep the krazies koming!


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