Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bryan's Best Time...

This morning Bryan ran in the Coca Cola 10K, and race he has done several years here in Hong Kong.  Its a really fun venue with free coke and a marching band, so we all tagged along. Bryan was hoping to get a time of 45 something... and he did even better than he had hoped, he ran todays 10k in 44:29! Wow, I am so pleased he reached his goal and proud of him.
Before the race
  Jack and Josiah cheering on the racers..
 Bryans finish
 when ever I watch a race here in HK I am always so impressed with the visually impaired racers and their guides. Many of them run the race very fast and have great times... Its so amazing how they are able to run tethered together.
Bryan and Wade after the race
 Several of my friends ran in this race, I knew Bryan wanted to do it more than I did, so I watched the kids and didn't sign up ;o)
I took these photos earlier in the week... Just another example of how bad these two at taking a photo.... "Jack, smile... Max, Look here... Put down the toy, not in front of your face, look here..." this is my commentary to these photos... ;o)

Jack got to bring Reggie Rino home from school for the weekend. He's a rhyming rino, and he was so excited to have him here.
okay... caught up for now... Enjoy your Sunday...

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