Sunday, December 1, 2013

Camping Weekend...

I'm doing a bit of blogging catchup! So... here's some photos from our camping weekend a week ago..We headed out straight after school.... We couldn't go Sat night because Bryan was running a race Sunday morning and Will was arriving Saturday night. We were able to get our camp set up before the sun set around 6... we spent a relaxing evening eating and hanging out around the fire.

 The night was chilly, but nice. the next morning the boys were up early, but we started a fire and made hot chocolate.

 Pancakes over the fire.

 A morning hike..

 We hiked over the hill to a fishing village... where we saw lots and lots of fish drying.

 View down on the beach were we camped.
 Someone got a little dirty :o)

 Around lunch time two other families showed up to spend the afternoon with us. We all had a blast! Especially the kids.

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