Saturday, August 29, 2009

1st Birthday!

Our little one is ONE! Wow, we can hardly believe how fast the year has flown by. We celebrated last night with a dinner in honor of Jack and a friend over to play. It was a lovely evening and we relived many memories from a year ago. Here are some of the highlights of Jacks birthday!
Jack posing for the camera and a shot of his cake

Our family! Jack was a little tired at this point...But he pushed through to enjoy the evening :o)

He watched us blow out the candle :o)

Opening presents! Thanks Cousin Calli and Josiah!

Playing with the new toys! We love the Xylophone from the Paines!

We finished the evening by watching the photo frame and talking about all the friends and family in our lives! Jack loves to look at the pictures and point to people. Then dad walked Jack to sleep and he fell asleep in this funny position! What a great day to celebrate a great year!



Too cute for words is right! Love the birthday hat!

Brad and Laura said...

Can you believe he's one already?!?! It goes by so fast! He's such a cutie!!

Dana said...

Great pictures! What a cute little guy! Looks like a fun day. :)


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