Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Climbing the "M"

These pictures are a couple of weeks old now, but I thought they were so fun! My last week in the US, my friend Kate and I met up to climb the M hill in Platteville. We were more successful at getting to the top than we were taking a picture of the three boys. I just kept snapping away, but they are all so funny! Kate had to go in to get a decent one :o)

Almost to the top, I let Jack out of the backpack to climb on his own...

Beautiful view from the top!

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Brad and Laura said...

Oh, my gosh!! I know that "M" :) We drive past it on the way to Brad's grandparents that live in Belmont, WI. We always joke that the "M" stands for Masbruch :)

Cute pics!!


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