Thursday, August 19, 2010

my cutie pie!

Here's our last week in pictures...
Last night eating out at one of our favorite places. Jack loved sitting at the "high" table and he gobbled up his flafel!
He fell asleep while I was running errands. I love how he is holding his "baby".
Playing with dad before bed.
Swim time with his friends. They are all looking so old these days!
Last weekend we went to the beach. Jack loved the sand and water.
This video is from 10 pm last night. Jack was "helping" Bryan carry the pieces to his new bed into the house. He was so excited to be helping!


Rachel Hamann said...

you cuties you! em, praying for you as the countdown makes it's way to 0! love you!

Dana said...

he is soooo cute!!! my favorite lines are "I help" and "mo" :) ADORABLE!!!

The Paines said...

Great that you got the bed!! Yay!!

Jonah Zane Herzog said...

totally jealous of your flafels!


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