Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Preparing for baby...

Here's how we have been getting ready for our new addition.
       Washing the newborn (both girl and boy) clothes...

Jacks been making sure all the baby toys are broken in and ready to go.
We bought (great deal used!) and assembled a new bed with storage for Jack. He hasn't moved to sleeping there yet, but I love the storage!

I think we are ready! We are all really looking forward to meeting the new addition to our family. Jack loves to play with his "baby" doll, so I think it will transfer over to the real thing. The real baby will be much more fragile though, which will be hard for him to understand. He loves when we incorporate the "baby" into what we are doing around the house, hopefully he will be as gracious to our real one :o)


Allie Reveley said...

baby will be here soon!!!! how exciting! i bet it feels so good to be "ready" i'm so not there yet!!!!

grandmashredder said...

So fun to wake up to pictures of happenings in hong kong. Love seeing the "baby jack" again, cuz, hes really looking kind of big these days. Keep us "posted>"


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