Friday, August 13, 2010

potty time!

Since arriving back in Hong Kong last Friday night we have moved on to the next stage of toddlerhood... We are giving potty training a go... for now! :o) We'll see how it goes and how things are looking in a few weeks... not sure if now is the right time for us all or not, but I would LOVE to not have two in diapers. I know that you aren't suppose to potty train right before a big change (new baby!), but I figure I am home more now, and will be after the baby is born, than I ever am, so we have the time. It may not work... However, I am seeing some really progress this week, and am optimistic about it. Here's how it's going so far...
LOTS of naked time! :o)

I'm keeping him on the potty by reading... LOTS of books! Or really the same ones over and over :o)

And really the best part of the whole thing.. new underwear! Here's my adorable model striking a pose :o)
How's it going? Well, we haven't had any poop accidents since we started on Mon! Yeah! Three times in the potty and once in his diaper at night....
as for pee... he doesn't understand this as well as the other... He's gone lots in his homemade training pants, but this morning we had our first potty chair success with pee, so I am hopeful he can start to make connections! Oh, and Jacks new word of the week "fart" :o) I'm such the proud mom :o)

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Allie Reveley said...

we did a sticker chart and let caedmon listen to our ipod. those were incentives that really worked. we took diapers away and never put them back on, in 10 days he was having only about 1 accident every few days and at 23 months. by 2 = fully potty trained. so if we can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! have fun, ahahah!


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