Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hand-Foot-Mouth (and butt)

So.... I'm not sure where they picked it up... Probably somewhere along our travels home, but I'm pretty sure the boys came down with a case of Hand-Foot-Mouth disease last week. I snapped these pictures about two days in, so they were already getting better, but it was a very mild case. If I hadn't seen this picture online I might not have thought they had it at all. However when Jack came down with the same symptoms a few days later I was really convinced. Now it seems we may have also spread the love to a few friends. :o) Uh-oh! Max had the worst rash on his butt, which in my reading seemed to fit the symptoms... I guess the name hand-foot-mouth-butt isn't very catchy though :o) Jacks case is even more mild than Max, so we were blessed. Thankfully just a few more days of staying away from others and we can rejoin our social life!

1 comment:

grandmashredder said...

IF jack is more mild, isnt that pic of jacks mouth? what does max look like??? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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