Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So it was Happy Hair Cut Saturday until....
 I forgot to put the longer guard on the clippers before taking a swipe on Max's head :o) This is what Bryan woke up to from his nap... opps! I meant it to all be the longer length, that was WITH the guard!
SO... now Max looks like dad... Pretty bald! :o) His head is scratchy to sleep with at night.. Bryan says that is my punishment for not checking the clippers :o) Good thing hair grows back... and REALLY good thing he is a boy :o) Can you imagine if I had done this to a daughter? Although what would clippers be doing by a girls head?


billy_153 said...

Dont worry unle will has the same hair cut.

The Paines said...

Oh my gosh, I am laughing out loud!! Now your baby looks like my babies (: Thompson hair grows fast, he won't be a skin head for long!

Reneelharvey said...

Don't worry...he is just as cute as before!

Kyle and Sarah said...

love this. but i am sure it is scratchy! he's adorable with or without hair.

Libby J said...

I've done this to Kemp a couple times - adults aren't so forgiving!

Thanks for the laugh!


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