Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hong Kong Krazies.... #1

I've decided I should be sharing more about what makes life here unique. We certainly see/hear/smell/taste things all the time that are different than our life would be in North America. So... I'm starting a new series, with a goal to post once a week. I've been taking photos of "interesting" things for a few months now, so I'm ready to go!
First of my absolute favorite things here....
 One of our favorite ones... A-1
 Jack loves the chicken sausage ones
My personal favorite is the Japanese Sweet Potato bun.... YUM!

and just because... a video of Jack swimming


The Paines said...

Yay, great series! HK is crazy. We tried something crazy- disgusting yesterday- a hotdog in a waffle. It actually sounded good until I took a bite.

grandmashredder said...

you made my mouth actually water thinking how delicious that sweet potato was when we were there. put that on the list for a lunch when we come!!!! jack swimming was great.

Kyle and Sarah said...

those donut thingies here were soooooo good! love your idea hong kong krazies!


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