Saturday, May 18, 2013

A {wet} camping weekend...

We have been telling the boys for months that when Chen-Chen got her casts off we could go camping... Fortunately the weather here has been terrible, so we weren't tempted. But, she got her casts off last week, and we had a three day weekend this week... so it was time to hit the beach. We woke up to pouring rain Friday, but by the time we finished watching the IDOL finale it had stopped and we headed out. That afternoon turned out to be really nice, cloudy and not too hot. Perfect for just sitting around the campfire hanging out with friends.
 Max did the hike and carried his own "pack" for the first time.
 Our little beach bum in a makeshift baby chair.
 So much help setting up the tent. :o)
 The observers...
 What it takes to go camping with a bottle fed baby :o)
 Afternoon nap in the tent all braced up...She was a super sleeper. Three hour nap here in the afternoon and pretty much through the night... we can't complain.
 We stayed overnight with 5 adults and 7 kids, and another family with two kids joined us for the day. The boys had a blast! Nothing better than sand, water and friends... OH, and of those 9 kids, Chen Chen was the only girl! Holy boys!

 Minor meltdown over the way the bread broke when folded over the hot dog!

 Boys had breakfast in the tent when it started to pour this morning.
 Rainy breakfast...
 My hash man... {love him!!!}
Well, I'm not sure the rest of the world enjoyed buddhas birthday as mush as we did, but its always nice to have a Friday off! Enjoy your weekend....
We are saying good-bye to Chen Chen in the morning {sniff}


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