Friday, May 18, 2012

Hong Kong Krazies: Wet Market Mania

 In Hong Kong we have grocery stores. They are pretty normal looking (smaller isles, selection, and more asian goods), but still "normal" food shopping. Then there are the markets...almost every area of town has their own wet market... I'm not sure about the name, but I think it comes from the fact that the whole place gets hosed down every night. They are inside markets where you can by everything (usually including the kitchen sink!) :o) The main products are food... fruit, veg, and meat. But there are other random shops selling other random goods... shoes towels, a key maker, flowers, etc.
I have yet to purchase meat from a stall like one of these... but it makes for some good pictures. I do buy lots of fruit and veggies from the markets becuase the selection and price are quite good compared to the store. 
*credit for the photos to Josh Nelson* taken when he was here visiting!


The Paine Family said...

I can smell it from here!

Unknown said...

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Laura said...

I was wondering about the smell too. Does it smell really bad or is everything super fresh?!

Locali Tree said...

Love the pictures. Its great to see wet market mania in real live pics. If you are looking for fresh veggies you can opt for first Indian grocery store in hong kong - Localitree.


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