Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day Weekend and a house update...

 We spent almost the entire day on Saturday out shopping. We hit up IKEA in the morning for new handles for the cabinets and new light fixtures in the house. We did make it home for some swimming in the afternoon. Then we spent the evening shopping for a new fridge and washing machine. Jack didn't nap, but crashed out during our shopping.

Max is teething and addicted to ice. He stands by the fridge and says, "ice, ice" until someone comes over and gives him some.
 Sunday afternoon we did a few projects down at the new place. We move in just over a week, yikes!
 Keeping the boys happy in the construction zone.
 How it looks as of this morning. (monday) walls are all plastered... hopefully paint on this week. Plumbing is mostly done. (bathtub in progress!)

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Kyle and Sarah said...

awesome job! wow that's so exciting! how's packing going?!


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