Monday, May 21, 2012

moving update

 The final days are here! This past weekend was spent packing, taking apart furniture and trying to get a few projects done at the new place. Our place is pretty packed up... we took down all the packed boxes over the weekend and have friends coming on Wed. to take down the furniture. The main room (living/dining areas) are painted, but thats all for now. Please pray the painters can finish up a couple of bedrooms in the next few days so we have more room to put our stuff. They should be finished up bu the end of the week so this weekend we can really unpack. we will probably be living there for a couple of days while they finish up.

 Found this treasure in the closet.... MORE 15 yr. old WALLPAPER!
 Jack and I taking a load down.


melissa said...

How exciting!!! Hope everything goes smoothly this week!

Kyle and Sarah said...

it's looking good!


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