Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back HOME!

 The boys and I headed back to our home and Dad on Thur. morning. Here we are at the airport with all our stuff. Luggage (50 lbs x 5 bags), 1 carry on backpack with 20lbs of cheese (I was stopped at security for extra screening :o), 1 purse, Jacks little suitcase and backpack with toys and snacks for the trip.
 After a 13 hour flight (the boys were pretty good!) we had a 4 hour layover in Korea. We showered, ate, and the boys ran around the several play areas of the airport for 2 solid hours. They also got in some good plane watching.
 The boys are just SOOOO happy to be home with dad.
Now if we can just get some sleep... going on 6 hours in the last three days... yikes!

1 comment:

Kyle and Sarah said...

oh my goodness!!!!! praying for more sleep for all of you! Welcome home!


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