Wednesday, August 22, 2012

random pictures...

 Bryan built a super cool train track down the hallway and Max is obsessed with stories on the phone from grandma..
 Cheesy smiles from Jack and Josiah in their school uniforms.
Annette got in the action and max was having a tantrum at their feet.... sweet :o)
 We've not had any big adventures in the past two weeks because Bryan is hobbling around with this boot on his foot. Normally he is also on crutches, but when we went to church and lunch he used the stroller to lean on. Boot should be off on Friday this week... then slowly back at it!
 Grandma sent a package, thanks!! The boys had an afternoon of fun sticking on the stickers!

 I am finding in nearly impossible to get a good photo of the boys together. This is what happens when I say look and say cheese. They both say cheese, but don't look at the camera. Thank goodness for digital because I have so many photos like this one.
 and this boy is so sweet and cute, but totally in full-on terrible twoness!!! His new favorite thing to say is, "stop it!" which he loves shouting all the time even if I'm not doing anything. Its a bit embarrassing on public transportation :o)
Tantrum in a mall :o) He loves to throw himself on the floor! I am not a fan of this move :o)


grandmashredder said...

i love seeing your pictures. they make my day, and warms my heart to see photos of the boys, tantrums and all.

grandmashredder said...

but i cant BELIEVE max would have a tantrum:):)

The Paines said...

I love that you took a picture of the tantrum (: Good thing he is so cute!!!

Kyle and Sarah said...

love the updates Em! i bet you all are excited for Bryan to get that boot off. Poor guy.


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